Round oversized sunglasses

Round oversized sunglasses
Do you own a pair of sunnies that once you have donned them you feel amazing. Unidentifiable and yet totally standing out to the crowd. I may be slightly dreamy so i am hoping someone else feels the same way.
Round sunglasses. They’re not for everyone. Face shapes dictate our sense of style a lot more than i’d like. Personally i would look rediculous with round sunglasses on but some of my best friends would look like movie stars.
After doing some research i have found that when worn with long hair, or at least hair down round sunglasses tend to make you appear more hippy/flower child retro but when paired with a cropped do they seem more movie starlet retro.
Really adoring the Prada Round Sunglasses at the moment. What are your thoughts? Do you love the round sunglasses or absolutely hate them?
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